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Payment Policy

payment Policy

Our payment term generally are T/T, sometimes L/C;Every detail of payment will be written clearly in orders, included payment term; collection card number, bank details, payee; etc.
so payment should be strictly transmitted to the appointed accounts and bank, if any change, we will advise you by email or telephone.
if money not been received by the accounts we appointed so as to make any loss, customers should be responsible for this.

We accept Visa Card, Master Card, Bank card and customers’ public accounts. For credit card payment, we take commercially reasonable measures to establish a secure connection with your web browser and we take all appropriate steps to protect the information you share with us. We use credit card numbers to process your payment only; we do not retain them for marketing purposes.
Account payment details for payment via Electronic Funds Transfer:

Account Name: joyfulgift international
Bank: Bank of China
Account No: 771-2512-25164
Branch BSB: 023-1233

Accounts Email:

Return fax number for remittance advice is (+86) 752 6388181